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    Has the reduction of your fuel and related maintenance of say, air filter, oil filter, etc paid off? How long before you see the return on your investment?
    04-02-2016 12:30 AM
  2. gmtom1's Avatar
    Like most questions, it depends a lot on your personal facts and circumstances. In strictly financial terms, you'll usually never see a positive return on a Tesla vehicle (notice I said vehicle) but owning a Tesla vs. a ICE car has positive benefits beyond the obvious elimination of gas and maintenance costs. Many utilities have special rate schedules for customers that own electric vehicles that have varying amounts of discounted rates to encourage charging at off-peak times, but the reduced rate usually applies to your entire bill, not just the vehicle's charging. When I got my Model S and enrolled in my utilities EV rate program, I saw an immediate drop of $40-50/month in my electric bill. I also analyzed the cost of the electricity I used to charge and it costs me about 3-4 cents per mile to drive my Model S vs. my prior BMW gas car averaged around 17-20 cents/mile to drive. I also used to budget $1200-1500/year for maintenance on my BMW compared to a $500 annual service (including tire rotation) for my Model S (even lower if you pre-pay).

    There's also a growing amount of free EV charging stalls in public places like shopping malls, large stores, etc., and they are often located in convenient areas. Some jurisdictions are passing laws that encourage benefits for driving EVs, such as free street parking, free county/municipal parking lots, HOV lane access, etc.

    Then there's the intangible benefits of never having to worry about filling up your tank, waiting at the gas station, near-silent driving, and advanced technologies, like mobile apps to control the car, and autopilot features.
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    04-03-2016 02:31 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I don't look at the Model S as an investment--it's an amazing cutting-edge sport sedan that I never tire of driving. It's hard to really compare it to an "equivalent" ICE car, and then figure out how long it takes to negate the price differential, because who's to say what an equivalent car would be? I could argue that this car is comparable in performance to a fully-loaded M5 or AMG C63 at about the same price, which means there is no price differential to make up for with gas savings.

    As for the Model 3--although it has been touted as a "car for the masses," realistically it's meant more as a competitor to the BMW 3 series and similar cars in that class. As such, the expected $35K price tag is once again about the same as the competition (and for those who are able to take advantage of the federal tax credit before it goes away, it will be significantly less). So once again, the benefits of going EV will be immediate.
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    04-03-2016 05:17 PM

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