1. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    I pulled the trigger on the Model 3 reservation as soon as the website went live. Super smooth and easy process.

    If you ordered a Model 3 too, be sure to chime in!

    I Pre-Ordered the Tesla Model 3! Did you?-tesla-model-3.jpg
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    04-01-2016 06:08 PM
  2. CyclingNut's Avatar
    I ordered yesterday. Luckily I live less than 5 miles from a Tesla Sales center. Test drove a P85D a week earlier and was sold on Tesla immediately! That's awesome Mobile Nations created TeslaCentral. I hope it's successful. Are there any plans for mobile apps?
    04-01-2016 06:28 PM
  3. Marcus Adolfsson's Avatar
    I got my pre-order in at the same time, and just got the confirmation email! The reservation shows up under My Tesla too.
    04-01-2016 06:28 PM
  4. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    I'm in.

    Now ... back to my '05 Civic.
    04-03-2016 06:50 AM
  5. gmtom1's Avatar
    Model 3 reservation made in person at 10:30am (arrived in line at 9am). Received email and MyTesla page updated the following morning. Having been through a wait for my Model S, waiting now for an X, and a long wait for a 3, having sites and a friendly community like this one and TMC helps a lot.
    04-03-2016 02:20 PM
  6. jeddo45's Avatar
    I sure did. I love my BMW but this will make a great commuter car....
    04-03-2016 07:26 PM
  7. Derek Kessler's Avatar
    I did not... I'm keeping an eye on it, but for all the technical amazingness of the car I just really dislike how it looks. And I'm not quite ready to spend what will be $40,000+ for one with adequate range and features...

    04-04-2016 05:29 PM
  8. scaots's Avatar
    I ordered right away online. Plenty of time to think about it and see if something else comes along. Might be ready for a new vehicle by the time it gets to me.

    I definitely agree with Derek. I'll probably get used to the look, but would definitely want to max out the range and add AWD at a minimum. That will probably put it out of my price range. I would actually much rather have something with 100 or so mile range, but packing a generator to eliminate any issues. Then it would cover average commutes and stuff, but no worries when traveling farther. I think there are will be a lot more options like that in the next 5 years.
    04-04-2016 10:10 PM
  9. Skatophilia's Avatar
    I pulled the trigger on the Model 3 reservation as soon as the website went live. Super smooth and easy process.

    If you ordered a Model 3 too, be sure to chime in!

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    Aww man I wish i did! I want the model 3 so bad! Are you keeping your other Tesla also Kevin?
    04-08-2016 06:46 PM
  10. SurrealCivic's Avatar
    Great to see everyone.

    I also pulled the trigger on my Model 3 reservation. Been planning this for a while and can't wait to be one of the many Tesla Model 3 owners here in the Waterloo Region. Already know several that have pre ordered.

    What is everyone looking to get? I personally want the higher end model with a flat colour.
    04-11-2016 02:34 PM
  11. Zach Gilbert's Avatar
    I've got my pre-order in as well. But, I have a feeling that waiting the almost two weeks after announcement to pre-order may mean a year extra in waiting time...we shall see.

    I Pre-Ordered the Tesla Model 3! Did you?-screen-shot-2016-04-18-4.14.23-pm.png
    04-18-2016 03:15 PM
  12. HardlyClerkin's Avatar
    Went and waited in line at the mall near my office. Was there 8 hours placed the order and was in and out of the store in five minutes. Long wait easy sign up. Can't wait.
    04-26-2016 10:50 PM
  13. worldspy99's Avatar
    I have a friend who put the pre-order in. I am on the fence for now.
    06-01-2016 06:41 PM
  14. Jared Greenberg1's Avatar
    How can you tell what number are you when you pre-order? Both my dad and brother pre-ordered theirs.
    06-14-2016 11:52 AM
  15. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Already have a Model S. My wife and I feel that we should still hedge a bit and have the 2nd car be gas-powered, just for the convenience factor with long trips. Superchargers are great, but they still require you to plan ahead a little.
    06-27-2016 12:04 AM
  16. Robski01's Avatar
    Ordered my Model 3 on Sept 3 2016 and I live on the east coast US. Will I have it for my 57th birthday in Nov 2018? Would love to have Ludicrous option if I can afford it, but priority has to be AWD (for winter driving and overall handling), upgraded sound system, autonomous driving mode. I love to "launch" and go fast, but dual motor with AWD will be more than enough. Looking at the unofficial config site that Jared posted (thanks man) and the black matte with the black 4 spoke wheels is just bad *** looking. Black headliner with tan seats and wood grain accent looks unreal. I can't wait, I have been fully aroused since ordering in Sept without the need for a little blue pill.
    11-24-2016 10:44 AM
  17. ggendel's Avatar
    Ordered mine October 4th. Believe it or not it was my wife that asked me what I was waiting for. 2+ years seems a long time, but I've still got plenty of life in my 2004 Prius so I'm ready when they are.
    11-28-2016 12:56 PM

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