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    This isn't a joke..
    I work for a temp agency that assembles car seats for Tesla through a company called Futuris in Newark CA. Anyways who would want to know what the U.S./European Tesla Model X car seats are looking like? I can provide 4 different color photo(s) of these seat(s) from front to back and not just Model X, I will review any Tesla car seats for 2017/2018 but I think these are for 2018 (I'm not exactly sure on the particular year). However all Tesla cars have been put together by citizens with Elementary education is why I assumed Tesla has so many bad reviews for there cars when employees cheat their way for these seats to pass inspection (since I assumed the errors from what I see at FUTURIS HAS TO HAPPEN AT THE TESLA PLANT on Fremont blvd, Fremont CA...Its not just their seats have error(s) but every department has sloppy lazy workers at FUTURIS that are assembling these car seats as the same for the TESLA PLANT since customers have no idea whats really going on. They MUST KNOW FOR WHAT THEIR PAYING SINCE THESE PRICE TAGS ARE CRAZY but WHOSE READY!!!?

    (I wrote this thread at 2:07AM PST 7/21/16 and I will check back in Friday morning 7/22/16 since I'm always at work 6 days a week running 12 hr shifts)
    07-21-2016 04:10 AM
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    07-21-2016 03:45 PM
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    I would!

    07-21-2016 03:48 PM
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    I would!

    AHAHA... Sorry to reply so late with running these 12 hr shifts and driving long distances for daily work be killin' me but love the income since its so hard to come across good paying jobs in my county area is why I took the job couple months ago. Anyways, working for this company can be great but however there is a big phone policy at the job when some supervisors don't inform most employees to not be on their phones during break hours. --Most days? Right when break starts..? A lot of employees jump on their phones during the green walk path line(s) and it would be so suspicious of me to jump on my phone inside this work area station to take more photo(s) for proof just to prove any viewer(s) wrong when I will provide more photo(s) down the road of this color since I don't want anyone saying I got this photo somewhere off the internet but for now? Enjoy..
    Who wants to see tesla new car seats!!?-tesla-seat.jpg
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    07-24-2016 06:59 PM

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